Service Advantages

There are four advantages that Brandt Exports offers to you –


Disassembly / Reassembly

Freight Forwarding



Brandt Exports takes care of all of the administration processes that it involved in making sure your shipment departs on time.  We do everything from contracts and financing to shipping and tracking orders.

Stacy Anthony

International Sales Manager

Office: 605-274-2474

Cell:  308-760-0274

Alli Veldhouse

Office Manager

Office: 605-274-2474

Matt Volkmar

International Sales


Roger Nelson

International Sales

Office: 605-274-2474

Alex Zaytsev


Disassembly/ Reassembly-

Brandt has machinery specialists that can disassemble, load and package your equipment for overseas voyages which saves you thousands of dollars.  For example we are able to fit an entire combine into an 8 x 40 shipping container. We can also put multiple field cultivators or planters into one container.

Freight Forwarding-

We handle all of your transportation needs and many times this includes inland relocation via truck and railway to seaport, in preparation for its placement on ocean vessels.  In addition we offer you the best of cargo insurance and our document services are well known and proven for fast and efficient customs clearance. Our goal is to offer you a full service package that allows you to have the confidence and assurance that your goods are departing and arriving to their destination on time and in good condition.


Earning your trust is a fundamental that we take very seriously.  We understand that supporting you with proper training, is an expectation that you have and deserve.  We have a staff of training professionals that are equipped to host training here at our facilities or your home country.  Our commitment to you after the sale is one of our most valued virtues.